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Looking for affordable and professional self storage in Montreal ? Here’s how we help. We’ve built a list of curated storage units that you can trust, based on consumer reviews from around the web and quality or equipment and services. Trust us to find you the best self storage near you in Montreal. From self-storage, valet service storage or simply storage units, you can trust these companies with your most loved items. 

MovingWaldo’s list of the 5 best self storage and units in Montreal

What is MovingWaldo?

MovingWaldo is Canada’s #1 Free Moving Concierge Service. Since 2016, we help millions of Canadians tackle moving tasks in minutes. We care to take the stress away from moving by offering free tools, tips and tricks and referral of service providers that you can trust. MovingWaldo is everything moving under the same roof!

How are storage units and facilities selected?

Our network of storage partners is carefully built based on professionalism, quality of facilities and services, awards and social proofs from customers. We care to help you through the maze of information the web provides about this storage industry. You can trust the companies listed here to store your belongings safely!

Are you a good storage company?


4.2 stars based on 86 reviews from around the web

Storage Mart


With approximately 225 locations in three countries, StorageMart began with a single store in Columbia, MO and is now the largest privately-owned, family-operated storage company in the world. Dedicated to providing clean, well-lit storage units, and friendly customer service, StorageMart is led by the Burnam family, which has been in the storage industry for four generations. Through the “Store it Forward” charitable giving program, StorageMart gives back to the many communities it calls home. 

Services offered in Montreal

  • Heated Units
  • Moving Carts
  • Dock-High Loading Bays
  • Elevator Access
  • Vehicule storage options

Monthly prices

Prices and availability for 5×5, 5X10, 10X10, 10X15, and 10X20 units available on their website.


  • Offers various promotions, including a free month discount*
  • Save time and money by renting online
  • Award winning 24/7 customer service
  • Wide variety of storage unit sizes
  • Month-to-month leases
  • Online account management
  • Offers car storage


  • Prices and promotions may vary by location
  • Popular unit sizes often rent quickly
  • Amenities change by location

Why should you choose Montreal Mini-Storage?

This storage company prides itself on customer service and it has the national recognition to back it up. Awarded Newsweek’s Best Customer Service Company, StorageMart offers convenient, 24/7 access to friendly self storage experts who are always ready to help you.

They have multiple locations in Montréal. Find the one closest to you: StorageMart in Montréal


4.5 stars based on 500+ reviews from around the web

Montreal mini-storage


Entreposage Montreal Mini-Storage operates numerous storage facilities across the island of Montreal, so no matter where you are located, you will be able to find a branch near you. Each of their branch offers a wide variety of services, such as temperature control, or interior docks, they also offer several unit sizes in order to be able to meet all your storage needs. They also place great importance on the security of your property. Indeed, thanks to a centralized surveillance system, surveillance cameras, an electronic access system, and even more, they ensure that your goods are always safe. Finally, in addition to offering affordable prices, they also have promotions that allow you to save even more!

Services offered in Montreal

  • Secure 24-hour access
  • Controlled temperature
  • Packaging supplies available
  • Indoor unloading
  • Office rentals
  • Indoor and outdoor parking
  • Freigh elevator
  • Moving Services
  • Interior Vehicle Storage
  • Parking

* Note that the services available may vary from one facility to another.

Monthly prices

  • Small – From $45 per month
  • Large – From $130 per month

* Note that the prices may vary from one facility to another.


  • Free Truck & Movers Promo
  • 10+ Convenient Locations
  • Clean, Well Lit
  • Video and other Security Features
  • Great variety of units sizes
  • Offers car storage


  • Cancellation of a contract requires a 14-day notice
  • The storage of living matter such as plants, food, waste, liquids, hazardous materials, illegal products or odorous materials is strictly prohibited.

Why should you choose Montreal Mini-Storage?

Entreposage Montreal Mini-Storage is a storage facility that provides a range of different storage solutions in the Montreal area. Their facility has good amenities, including heated units and 24/7 security. That combined with their eminently reasonable prices and good online reputation, ensures that they are a good choice for people seeking a storage solution in the Montreal area.


4.1 stars based on 48 reviews from around the web


Stor-Wel Mini-Entrepôt is a self-storage facility that offers a high-tech approach to storage. Using technologies, including door alarms, hidden surveillance cameras and multi-gate access system to monitor who visits the building, they make sure that your belonging are always safely stored, whether it is for short, or a long-term rental. They also offer additional services to storage, such as packaging supply, mailbox rentals and even international courier services.

Services offered in Montreal

  • Storage
  • Archive storage
  • Packaging material
  • Onsite business center
  • Store and shipping
  • Miniature storage services
  • Shelving

Monthly prices

  • Not available


  • 24-hour access programs are available, upon customer request.
  • High technology to ensure safety.
  • Easily accessible by car, truck or public transport.


  • Limited number of locations.
  • Prices not available on the website.

7977 17e Ave, Montréal, QC H1Z 3R2


5 stars based on 17 reviews from around the web

Image Moving Company 5


Fellow Storage is a company offering a complete and innovative storage service. After planning a pickup, their trained and professional movers come take your items and move them carefully to their secure storage facilities. Fellow Storage displays all its prices and costs so that there is no surprise on your invoice, in addition, you can opt for an item plan or a space plan depending on the quantity of items you must store. On top of it, Fellow Storage allows you to manage your stored items quickly and easily, thanks to a digital storage locker making storing simple and effective.

Services offered in Montreal

  • Pick-up
  • Delivery
  • Storage
  • Dismantling of household items
  • Digital storage locker

Monthly prices

Item plan:
From $ 45 per month (2 ‘x 5’) up to $ 425 per month (10 ‘x 20’)
Space plan:
From $ 5 per month for a small item up to $ 35 per month for an XL item (ex. table or bed frame).


  • Full service (pick-up, transport and storage)
  • Access to your inventory at all times via your digital storage locker
  • Price and additional fees displayed on the website


  • Storage plans are for a minimum period of one month
  • The warehouses are closed to the public

Why should you choose Fellow Storage?

Fellow Storage allows you to easily store your belongings and items without any hassle. Thanks to their technology, you can easily plan a pick-up, request an item return or even manage your items online. With private warehouses, they ensure that your belongings always remain safe and thus offer you peace of mind. Finally, Fellow Storage is a simple and effective option for your storage needs, large or small.

2707 Dollard Ave, Lasalle, Quebec H8N 2J8


4.5 stars based on 1353 reviews from around the web

PODS - container

MovingWaldo Exclusive Offer


Click on the link to the Website or call 1-844-509-0318 to get 10% on your moving and storage container by using promo code WALDO.


An industry pioneer and leader since 1998, PODS provides residential and commercial moving and storage services – with contactless delivery and pick-up – across a vast service network that spans North America, Australia, and the United Kingdom. The Canadian-owned business, with its unparalleled flexibility, convenience, and control, makes for a great choice as your local or long-distance moving and storage partner. A PODS portable container is delivered to you, you load it on your schedule, and you can keep it in your driveway for 24/7 access, store it at one of their secure indoor facilities, or have it moved to your new home. Click on the link to the Website or call 1-844-509-0318 to get 10% on your moving and storage container by using promo code WALDO.

Services offered in Montreal

  • Storage Services
  • Storage On-Site
  • Store at Their Facilities
  • Local Moving
  • Long Distance Moving
  • Commercial Moving & Storage
  • PODS Container Moving
  • Contents Protection
  • Moving Supplies
  • Coordinating Packing and Loading Assistance
  • Winter car storage

Monthly prices

Available on demand – Save 10% off rates through MovingWaldo using promo code WALDO!

Types of containers

Container Dimensions (feet)

Construction Type

Capacity (rooms)

Weight Limit


Interior Space      (cu. ft.)

Clearance Area Required (feet)

16 x 8 x 8

Stainless steel frame/ impact- and weather-resistant high-tech polymer wall panels

3 or 4



40 x 12 x 15**

*12 x 8 x 8

Stainless steel frame/ impact- and weather-resistant high-tech polymer wall panels

2 or 3



40 x 12 x 15

7 x 7 x 8

Stainless steel frame/ impact- and weather-resistant high-tech polymer wall panels




40 x 12 x 15

* The 12 x 8 x 8 feet container is only available for local moving and storage, but the other two container sizes are available for long-distance moves.

**Note that the driveway doesn’t have to be 40 feet long, as the maneuvering area can include the street as well.


  • 10% discount available if booked through MovingWaldo
  • Contactless delivery and pick-up
  • They do the driving
  • You control the schedule – so you can take your time
  • 10X fewer damage claims compared to traditional movers*
  • Flexible, easy storage options – in your driveway or in their secure indoor facilities
  • Packing and loading help available
  • Offers vehicle storage

*According to AMSA (American Moving & Storage Association)


  • 12 x 8 x 8 feet container only available for local moving and storage
  • Do not provide online quotes

Why should you choose PODS?

Whether you are moving across town, across the country – or if you need storage – in one of their secure indoor facilities, PODS has offered a flexible, convenient way to move and store their belongings for more than two decades.

Mix and match among a range of portable moving and storage containers to fit your needs, and unlike traditional moving companies, PODS does not require a deposit, nor are you required to pay for your entire move upfront. They offer pay-as-you-go pricing, since you rent your PODS container(s) by the month, putting you in control of your schedule, so you can take your time. Not to mention, PODS is a contactless service, so you do not need to greet their driver for delivery or pick-up.

PODS can also help make packing and loading/unloading easier by referring you to highly-rated, hourly labor in your area. These pros know their containers inside and out to help maximize your space, and they will do as much as you need them to do.

PODS also offers a discount for people who book through MovingWaldo, which may be a great cost-saving option for some.


Ontario (Ottawa-Toronto), Quebec (Montreal), Manitoba (Winnipeg), British Columbia (Vancouver), Nova Scotia (Halifax), Alberta (Edmonton – Calgary)

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Frequently Asked Questions about Storage in Montreal

How much does it cost to store my belongings?

The cost of storage varies wildly depending on the type of storage, size required and the location. It can cost from a few dollars a month to store specific items, up to hundreds of dollars per month to store a whole apartment in a temperature regulated environment.

For example, if you need to store all your belongings for a month until your new home is ready, you can budget between 220$ up to 600$ for a 3 bedroom apartment. You can find more price ranges on our full article about the cost of storage here.

How much does it cost to store:

  • A bike: 10$ per month
  • A set of tires: 20$ per month
  • A sofa: 30-40$ per month
  • 4 appliances: 100$ per month

These are only approximate prices. Prices may vary depending on many factors.

Should I rent a self-storage unit or use a valet storage to store my belongings between two moves?

If your new home is not quite ready and you need to store your belongings for a period of time, there are different options for you. Some companies will offer to pick up your belongings at your current location, then bring it to your new home only when it is ready. They will charge you storage costs on a monthly basis until they deliver your belongings to your new residence. The benefit of this solution is that most of these companies will charge you for a single move. If you decide to rent a self-storage unit, you may have to pay to get your belongings there, then hire movers again to bring it to your new home.

What to look for in a storage unit?

There are many things to consider in the selection of a storage unit, including:

  • Size: do you need a large storage unit or only to store a specific item?
  • Temperature regulation : is it necessary?
  • Location: does it need to be close to your home?
  • Access: do you need 24h access?
  • Frequency: do you need to go often?
  • Security
  • Insurance: do you need insurance for your items?
  • Valet service: do you need help to move your belongings?

Does my home insurance cover my belongings in storage?

If you have a home insurance policy, you are likely to be insured for your belongings kept in a storage unit. This said, the insurance might only cover your belongings in the storage unit for 90 days, after which you would need a separate insurance. Insurance for storage units can usually be purchased with the company itself. 

Will I be able to access my belongings at all times?

This will depend on the storage company. Some self-storage units have 24/7 access, while others have hours of business. If you go with a valet service storage company, you might need to plan in advance to have your items brought back to you.

Can I store anything in a storage unit?

Items prohibited in a storage unit are usually:

  • Anything inflammable or explosive
  • Firearms, weapons or ammunition
  • Perishable food
  • Plants
  • Animals of any kind

If it doesn’t feel right, it is probably wrong!

How much does it cost to store:

  • A bike: 10$ per month
  • A set of tires: 20$ per month
  • A sofa: 30-40$ per month
  • 4 appliances: 100$ per month

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