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The 3 Best Truck Hire Companies in Hobart

Numerous factors need to be considered when searching for a van hire company in Hobart. It is especially important to search for positive and negative reviews from past clients, the size of the moving hire van and the type of services offered. A move can be overwhelming, and you may think your to-do list will go on forever. Since MovingWaldo has done the research already, you don’t have to spend hours searching amongst dozens of van hire companies to know if they’re trustworthy. Here are the top 3 best moving truck hire companies that have been carefully researched so that you can trust them to handle your removal in Hobart.

MovingWaldo's list of the best truck rentals in Hobart

What is MovingWaldo?

MovingWaldo is a technology company that specializes in simplifying the moving process for individuals and families. Our comprehensive suite of services includes booking trustworthy movers, comparing internet plans, and automating administrative tasks, which can save users hours of paperwork.

How are Moving Truck Rental Companies selected?

Our network of van rental companies you can trust is carefully built based on professionalism, years of experience, accreditation, awards, and social proofs from customers. We care to help you through the maze of information the web provides about this unique industry. You can trust the van rentals listed here to guide you and your family safely into moving day!

Are you a good, trustworthy company?

4.9 stars based on 103 reviews from around the web
Over 240,000 vans or cars for hire in multiple locations worldwide
Truck Rental (Van Hire) - UK

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SIXT is a network of truck and vehicle rental experts offering a premium van hire fleet that includes compact passenger and luxury cars, electric vehicles, SUVs, Utes, vans, buses, and trucks. These vehicle rental experts take pride in their abilities to offer their customers the best services, rates, and experience, therefore ranking as one of the best rental companies in Australia and the world. SIXT is a professional company that ensures their customers experience the most efficient, premium, and best car. Whether you need a delivery van, medium van or large van, SIXT Car and Van Hire got you covered. Take the stress out of your journey by hiring a van matching your needs. SIXT also provides higher quality passenger van rentals for any size group, ranging from 7-15 seaters.

Services / Products offered in Hobart

• Van hire
• Bus hire
• Car rental
• Truck hire
• Leasing
• Tolling

Company rate

Available on demand

In Business Since


Area Covered

Australia and Worldwide


• Owned by the NRMA
• 2000+ Branches worldwide
• 105+ countries
• Prepaid fuel option
• Largest vehicle fleets
• Online booking available


• 24hrs minimum rental period
• Extra charge for additional driver

Why should you choose SIXT?

The National Road and Motorist Association (NRMA) owns SIXT, so you can rest assured ​​in knowing you are dealing with one of Australia’s most trusted and reliable brands. They are highly trusted online and offline by thousands of people across Australia. Their professional services demonstrate their commitment to providing customers with a high level of service at all times. What sets them apart is that they have over 2000+ branches across 105+ countries worldwide, making it convenient for customers worldwide. They offer their customers with digital access to more than 240,000 vehicles and above 5 million connected drivers.With SIXT, you’ll feel at home, and every rental problem is solved professionally.

5G63+W8 Cambridge, Tasmania, Australia
4.1 stars based on 100 reviews from around the web
Over 220 locations available across the country
Truck Rental (Van Hire) - UK

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Founded in 1918 by Walter Jacobs, Hertz has been reinventing and expanding their van and car services. Dedicating their time to making life easier for their customers with their products, extraordinary levels of service and their award winning loyalty programme, Gold Plus Rewards.Today, with over 10,000 locations in 145 countries across 6 continents, they are among the world’s largest global van and car rental companies, and a trusted provider of vehicles hire services. Their vehicles are available for daily, hourly, and long-term hire.

Services / Products offered in Hobart

• Car hire: daily car hire, electric vehicles, long-term car hire, the dream collection
• Van hire: daily van hire, hourly van hire
• Business hire

Company rate

Available on demand

In Business Since


Area Covered

New South Wales, South Australia, Australian Capital Territory, Northern Territory, Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia


• Over 220 locations available across the country
• 24-hour roadside assistance
• Unlimited mileage allowance
• Additional Driver option available
• Discounts on international rentals
• Premium plan for ease and extra convenience
• Effective customer service


• Card payments may be subject to a surcharge rate of 1.35% (including GST)
• Services vary slightly based on location
• Vehicle hire must be made at least 24 hours before the vehicle pick-up.

Why should you choose Hertz?

Thanks to a set standard for quality, dependability, and service worldwide, Hertz is prepared to meet all your moving needs effectively. They accomplish this through a 24-hour service, seven days a week, low fixed prices, a variety of model-type trucks and over 220 locations across the country. Additionally, they offer qualified claim management services for liability exposures, focusing on general and auto liability claims. With Hertz, renting a van by the hour or day is simple and comes with gasoline and insurance. You should get the most outstanding services for a fair set fee when you make a direct reservation through the Hertz website.

488C+VR Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
4.1 stars based on 360 reviews from around the web
5% discount when booking direct
Flotte camions de déménagement

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Bargain Car Rentals is an Australian car rental company established in 2005. They specialise in renting various cars, trucks, vans and buses for your next move. Over the years, they have increased their clientele with additions to the number of locations they service across Australia. Their areas include Cairns, Brisbane, Darwin, Devonport, Gold Coast, Hobart, Launceston, Melbourne and Sunshine Coast. They also have competitive prices that fit into customer budgets. Although customers can book vehicles in any of their locations, booking is primarily online.

Services / Products offered in Hobart

• Truck hire
• Van hire
• Car hire
• Trolley hire
• Ute hire
• Minibus hire
• Luxury car hire

Company rate

Available on demand

In Business Since


Area Covered

Brisbane, Cairns, Darwin, Devonport, Gold Coast, Hobart, Launceston, Melbourne, Sunshine Coast


• 11 locations across Australia
• A fleet of around 2300 vehicles
• All vehicles have air conditioning
• No hidden extra charges
• Customers can include one free additional driver
• Easy access to customer service
• 5% discount when booking direct online


• After-hours pick up and drop off is not available

Why should you choose Bargain Car Rentals?

Bargain Car Rentals do not include extra charges on vehicle hire as all prices are stated before booking. Customers can also add one additional driver for free while planning a trip. Bargain Car Rentals have some of the best prices for vehicle hire in Australia, with a fleet of around 2300 vehicles. Covering many locations has helped them to put a lot of consideration into their prices. Booking a vehicle has been made easier as clients can book online or in any of the nine locations closest to them.

5G74+62 Cambridge, Tasmania, Australia


With MovingWaldo’s recommended list of the best truck hire companies in Hobart, you can now choose the most suitable truck hire removal for your next move. Keep in mind, it is important to verify the company’s reviews, prices, pros and cons, services and areas covered to make the best decision. Moving truck hire’s will make your move as seamless and smooth as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions about Truck Hire

In Australia, the minimum age to rent a truck might vary slightly from one rental company to another.

For most companies, the minimum age for renting a truck without restrictions is 25 years. For others, it’s 21 years. For such companies, drivers between the ages of 21-24 might be subject to additional fees and restrictions, such as a ‘Young Driver Surcharge’ (typically 15 AUD) which may apply to your rental.

If you need to hire a van for a one-way job, many removal companies offer this service by delivering the truck right to your door and then either picking it up or providing a convenient drop off location to your destination. However, it is important to note that some removal companies may charge a one-way van rental fee which can double the price of your rental.

Depending on the truck rental company, the additional driver’s details must appear in the rental agreement. Any additional driver must also present their driver’s license at the time of collection for the truck hire or van hire. Only approved drivers noted on the Rental Agreement are permitted to drive a hired vehicle. 

Each additional driver may be charged a small fee, usually around $8.00 per day. Share the drive and relax while someone else whose name is recorded on the Rental Agreement takes the wheel. Note that rates differ from company to company, so be sure to confirm before booking. 

For more information on additional drivers, including any applicable charges, please contact the customer service of the moving truck hire company.

(*Budget Trucks Australia)

Your moving truck must be large enough to carry all your boxes and belongings to save cost and time on multiple trips or even using multiple vehicles. Based on the size of your truck, here are a few examples. 

Extra-large/Ten- and Twelve-Tonne Truck:

This is Australia’s largest removal truck for house moves. They range from 50 cubic meters (cbm) to 65 cbm.  It is suitable for four- to six-bedroom houses with four- six occupants.

Large/Eight-Tonne Truck: 

The large truck hire is the best option, especially if you are moving from a big apartment. This truck fits between 40 cbm and 50 cbm and can hold around 1200 kilograms. It has a hydraulic lift and support frames that will allow you to tie down all of your essential furniture. It can be used for moving into a 4-room flat or a medium-sized house, including boxes and furniture. This is a good option for a 3+ person family.

Medium Van/Five-Tonne Truck: 

With a capacity going from 30 cbm to 40 cbm, it is ideal for transporting several boxed items and a few large pieces of furniture. It can fit the contents of a small house, including a bed, a table, and all the moving boxes.

Small/Three-Tonne Truck:

This truck has a capacity of anywhere between 17 cbm and 25 cbm. It is ideal for moving boxes and a few pieces of furniture. This size truck will generally fit belongings for a one- or two-bedroom property and small 3×1 properties, such as a townhouse or duplex.

While most truck hire companies do provide basic truck insurance, their insurance will likely not be as substantial as your own personal insurance. Generally, you do not need additional insurance for your truck hire in Australia, because your truck hire company likely already has some sort of coverage, however, it would be highly beneficial to you to add extra protection. Truck hire companies often offer additional coverage at an extra cost. Depending on your situation, you may want to consider this type of added coverage. 

Generally, you can drive a 4.2m moving truck or Group F with a regular driving licence. A 4.2m moving truck is the size of a standard moving truck offered by many truck rental companies. To drive this type of truck, it is typically required that you have a full, unrestricted open car license, credit card, and be at least 25 years of age. 

Anything larger than a 4.2m moving truck will likely require a special license such as Light Rigid (LR), Medium Rigid (MR), Heavy Rigid (HR), or Heavy Combination (HC) licence.

Most truck rental companies mention that it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure they can drive the booked vehicle with their licence.

To calculate the carrying capacity of a truck, the first step would be to ensure you understand the terminology to find out the carry capacity. To begin, the GVM or Gross Vehicle Mass is the maximum weight a truck is permitted to have. The GVM is determined by the truck’s manufacturer; it can be located on the registration papers or plate. 

The TARE weight is the truck’s unloaded weight including fuel. The TARE weight is located on registration papers. Furthermore, the carrying capacity is the maximum weight a truck can sustain. 

The Carrying Capacity can be calculated by subtracting the TARE Weight from the Gross Vehicle Mass.

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