How to change my address with the British Columbia Public Service Pension Plan?

The British Columbia Pension Corporation is the office responsible for providing administrative and professional services to the Public Service Pension Plan in the province of British Columbia, as well as offering an array of different services to employers and members. You need to notify the office of your new address to make sure you continue receiving important information regarding your pension plan!

Change address pension British Columbia

How to change my address for my pension plan?

There are two ways for you to change your address with the Public Service Pension Plan:

  1. Online through MyAccount;
  2. Contact BC’s Public Service Pension Plan
  • Phone: toll-free in Canada and U.S.: 1-800-665-3554
  • Office hours: Mon-Fri 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Note that if you decide to call, you need your Person ID at hand!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find my Person ID number?

Your Person ID number is your personal unique identification number in the pension plan.

If you are looking for your Person ID number, you can find it on any letter sent to you by BC’s Public Service Pension Plan. You can also find them in the following documents:

  • If you are an active member, see section 1 of your Member’s benefit statement and the Plan Member Information section of your Enrolment confirmation statement (part of your Welcome to the Plan package).
  • If you are an inactive member, see section 1 of your Member’s benefit statement
  • If you are a retired member, see your Pension statement, which you receive by mail in January with the Pension Life newsletter.
  • If you still can’t find your Person ID number, contact BC’s Public Service Pension Plan! They’ll proceed to ask questions to confirm your identity and subsequently provide you with your number

I’m not registered for MyAccount, how do I do that?

Easy! You simply have to:

  • Read the terms and conditions here and click on “Accept”
  • Register and make sure you have at hand your Person ID!

How do I know if I am eligible for BC’s Public Service Pension Plan?

You are eligible to be covered by the Public Service Pension Plan if you work as:

  • A regular employee (full- or part-time)
  • A casual or auxiliary employee who earns a salary that is higher than 50 percent of the year’s maximum pensionable earnings in a calendar year
  • An assistant or associate deputy minister
  • A person to whom an enactment or Order-in-Council specifies that the pension plan applies

Once you are admitted, you’ll receive a member’s benefit statement from the BC Public Service Pension Plan every year. And you are entitled to a pension benefit when eligible, after making your first contribution to the plan! These contributions to your pension can come from:

  • You: contributions that are automatically deducted from your pay
  • Your employer: as an employer-paid benefit

If you want to determine your contribution amounts, you can check your pay statement in Employee Self Service.

  • Under Before-Tax Deduction, the Superannuation Plan shows you the employee paid portion
  • Under Employer Paid Benefits, the Superannuation Plan shows you the employer paid portion


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