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How to change my address with CIBC?

Changing your address with your financial institution is an important step in the moving process to ensure all sensitive documents such as credit/debit card statements and insurance policy updates are being sent to the right place. With over 11 million customers worldwide, and one of Canada’s “Big Five” banking institutions, CIBC allows you to change the address linked to your CIBC accounts using your online customer portal.

When it comes to updating your information regarding any insurance policies you may have with CIBC you will need to call the specific insurance service directly in order to discuss how your move will impact your rates and premiums.

Follow this simple guide to change the address connected to all your CIBC accounts, making your moving experience that much easier!

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CIBC Address change

How to change my address online?

Notify the bank at least 2 weeks before your set move date, but ideally as soon as possible.  Changing your primary address impacts all your CIBC products unless you specify otherwise.

To update the information attached to all your CIBC accounts simply follow the easy steps outlined below!

Time: 5 Minutes

Step One

Sign onto your online or mobile banking account

CIBC Address change screenshot

Step Two

Under the options listed on the left- select “Customer Services”

CIBC Address change screenshot 2

Step Three

Under personal information and settings- select “Change your address”

Step Four

Before the information is processed, CIBC will send you a verification code through your preferred method.

And you’re done! Remember to keep a copy of the address change confirmation handy for your records.  

You can also update your information by calling 1-800-465-2422, or by visiting your local CIBC banking centre.

How to change my address with CIBC credit cards?

If your only account linked to CIBC is a credit card, then you must phone the bank to process the change.  

Simply call CIBC Credit Card Services to update your information toll-free at 1-800-465-4653

If you’re changing your address from outside North America you can call 514-861-4653

Collect calls are accepted.

Things to remember

If you have any joint accounts with CIBC both parties must update their information separately for the change to be processed.

You can also update your information by calling 1-800-465-2422, or by visiting your local CIBC banking centre.

How to change my address with CIBC Home Insurance?

To change your address with your CIBC home insurance, simply call 1-855-964-2082.

Before calling CIBC home Insurance make sure you have your new address and policy number ready to provide to the agent.

Unfortunately, your insurance rates may change depending on your new location- we recommend calling your insurance provider before deciding on a new address to avoid an unnecessary spike in your premiums.

In order to get a fast quote regarding your how your address change will impact your current policy, make sure you have the following information handy-

Property details

  • The square footage of the ground floor of the residence
  • The amount of storeys
  • The material of the exterior siding/covering
  • The material of the roof
  • For tenants and owners of condominium units: the total amount of insured items

Property insurance history

  • The year the residence was constructed
  • Specific details regarding any major renovations or updates made to the dwelling
  • Relevant information regarding any currently held insurance policies
  • Any information pertaining to past claims, if applicable

How to change my address with CIBC Auto Insurance?

To change your address with your CIBC car insurance, simply call 1-855-964-2082 toll free.

Before calling CIBC Auto Insurance make sure you have your new address and policy number ready to provide to the agent.

Factors that will impact your current insurance premiums include-

Your driving history, including anyone else who will also be covered within your policy

  • When you obtained your driver’s license
  • What type/class of license you currently have, i.e motor, motorcycle etc.
  • Specific details regarding any past accidents or road offences
  • The date that you or anyone else covered under your policy became the principal driver and when they became insured

Your Vehicle(s)

  • The model, make, and year of any vehicles you want to insure
  • Whether or not your vehicle was purchased or leased
  • The date you would like the insurance coverage to begin
  • Any additional coverage options you would like to be added to your policy

How to change my address with CIBC Investor’s Edge Account?

To change your address with your Investor’s account, you must call 1-800-567-3343 to speak to an Investment representative.

And there you have it! Ideally, you should try to notify your financial institution of your upcoming move as soon as possible. The bank will make any updates on the requested effective date.

If you have any accounts with other banks make sure to check out our comprehensive article that covers how to change your address with RBC, Scotia, TD, and more!

Wishing you a stress free move!

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