Homeowners : How to change my address for the school tax?

As of today, Quebec has no less than 69 school boards that are taken into consideration when calculating the school tax for homeowners. Thus, it can certainly be a hassle to understand how all of it works, especially when the move in itself already brings its fair share of stress!

To relieve some stress, we have demystified the process of changing your address for your school taxes.

Let’s explain:

When you buy a property, the deed of sale signed by you and the Seller at the notary’s office will be sent to the Bureau de la Publicité des Droits (BPD). After which the office will issue an assessment certificate confirming the transaction. This certificate will then be sent to the School Board you belong to, depending on the zone in which your property is located.  Be careful, this procedure can sometimes take few days!

In conclusion, your notary is responsible for communicating your new address to the school board you belong to.

Here is a simple diagram to illustrate how it works:

address change school tax

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