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Metropolitan Movers
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Min crew size:

2 movers + 1 truck

Available truck sizes:

16 ft; 22 ft; 24 ft; 26 ft; 28 ft

Max crew size:

20 movers

Min service time:

3 hours min. + Truck fee

Services offered

• Local and long-distance moves (500 km)
• International moves (over 500 km)
• Interprovincial moves
• Canada to US moves
• Commercial and office moves
• Packing and unpacking
• Storage
• Special item moves
• Junk removal

Insurance coverage

• Basic coverage: $0.60/pound
• Extra protections: company offers additional coverage with their Replacement Value Protection (RVP).


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About this company

As one of the most experienced moving companies in this list, Metropolitan Movers has been moving Torontonians for over 13 years. The company uses a sophisticated system to give an accurate estimate for your local, cross-country, or cross-border move. This reduces the chance of any unexpected issues. Above all, Metropolitan Movers offers top quality moving services at fair prices. In fact, the company offers some of the most competitive rates in the industry.

Service locations

Metropolitan Movers’ Service Locations

Metropolitan Movers’ head office is in Concord, ON, yet they have several offices located in Ontario, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Metropolitan Movers’ Popular Routes

Beyond local moves near Toronto, Ottawa, Saskatoon, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Fredericton, and Halifax, Metropolitan Movers also offers longer routes including: 

Reviews from the web

Based on 1.072 reviews from the web



Google (Toronto) 

4.9/5 based on 344 reviews 

“I am very happy we used Metropolitan Movers, the service was outstanding. They arrived on time, were very professional and most importantly they had patience since we had a lot of stuff. To accommodate our needs they even brought additional tracks (2 in total) and let us use their storage unit with packing bins. Definitely would recommend them.” 

– Alex Z.


5/5 based on 6 reviews

“We were very pleased with Metropolitan Movers. They were very professional, efficient, affordable, and friendly. Our move went smoothly and quickly. We highly recommend this company. A big thank you, you certainly did a wonderful job.” 

– Lana and Brian


8.3/10 based on 521 reviews

“They arrived in time, organized my stuff, and unloaded it in the proper rooms. Very polite and courteous. No breakages, no delays, no mess.

I would strongly recommend them anytime. Best of luck!” 

– Farruk


3/5 based on 201 reviews

“I highly recommend this moving company. Right from the first phone call until the movers finished their work, I was pleased with everyone I had contact with.” 

– Eli J.

Popular routes

Metropolitan Movers shuttles many routes in Ontario some of them include:
• Toronto to Montreal
• Toronto to Edmonton
• Toronto to Calgary
• Toronto to Hamilton
• Toronto to London
• Toronto to Victoria
• Toronto to Guelph
• Toronto to Whitby
• Toronto to New York
• Toronto to Miami, Florida

Office Location

101 St Regis Crescent S, North York, ON M3J 1Y6

Frequently Asked Questions about the company

Metropolitan Movers operate for moving services every day of the week. They can start in the morning upon client request or typically at 8:00 am or 9:00 am within a 1-hour window. Similarly, in the afternoon, they can begin until 2:00 pm or 3:00 pm within a 1-hour window.
Yes, Metropolitan Movers Toronto has additional charges for special items. Moving an upright piano up to 5 ft tall incurs a fee of $250, while pianos taller than 5ft are charged at $350. Grand pianos require a separate quote.
Yes, Metropolitan Movers Toronto offers express options for last-minute moving requests. Whether you need a same-day move or have a rush situation, they can accommodate your needs effectively. With a substantial fleet of trucks in the area, they are well-equipped to handle urgent moving requests.
Metropolitan Movers Toronto offers comprehensive packing services for both homes and offices, with flexible options. You can choose from three packages: Full Package (they handle all packing and unpacking), Partial Packing (you decide what to pack, either room-specific or large items), and Fragile & Unique Packing (for delicate items). They provide regular packing supplies as well as eco-friendly reusable bin rentals.
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