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Top 8 Best neighborhoods in Houston with the Best quality of life – 2023

There’s a lot to consider when moving to a new location, from affordability to the level of education, transport, nice-looking neighborhoods, great parks, safety, and friendly neighbors. Ranked as one of the best places to live in Texas, finding the best neighborhoods in Houston can be a challenge, especially considering that it is a profoundly diverse and booming metropolis in Texas. The cost of living in Houston is also quite reasonable for its quality of life. Houston, a unique mix of modern metropolis and cowboy chic, is also home to various top-rated neighborhoods. The neighborhoods have an urban charm and a family-friendly vibe. So, if you are planning to move to Houston or if you already live there and want to find your next favorite neighborhood, here are the 8 best neighborhoods in Houston in 2023!


With many neighborhoods across Houston, the city has something for everyone. Whether you’re a young professional, student or a retiree, our list of the 8 best neighborhoods in Houston will help you make a decision! We’ve built our ranking of the best neighborhoods based on a study from, who considered the following criteria: education, affordability, public transit, and safety. We’ve also taken into account the population and neighborhood vibe.

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1. Memorial

Best for families

1. Memorial - The 8 Best Neighborhoods in Houston in 2022
  • Population: 45,577
  • Average monthly rent (1-bed): $1,745
  • Pro: Excellent academic and work opportunities
  • Con: Mid level crime rates

Memorial, a neighborhood straddling the border between the suburbs and city life, who serves its residents with many amenities in Houston. There are a couple of reasons Memorial is consistently ranked as one of the best neighborhoods to live in Houston. In this neighborhood, you will find a mix of traditional and contemporary single-family homes surrounded by forest areas and some of the city’s best parks and green spaces. Memorial is centralized around a wide variety of residential architecture, shopping, excellent hospitals, cafes, fantastic restaurants, affordable housing, and two of Houston’s top Grade A school districts. Residents enjoy magical nightlife options, not to mention a country club and golf course, all within a 20-minute drive from Downtown Houston! 

(*Niche, PODS Blog & Zumper)

Memorial, Houston

2. West University

Best for professionals and students

2. West University - The 8 Best Neighborhoods in Houston in 2022
  • Population: 15,108
  • Average monthly rent (1-bed): $1,280
  • Pro: Walk-friendly
  • Con: Cost of living is high

West University is one of the most affluent neighborhoods in Texas and is also one of the best neighborhoods in Houston. This neighborhood is a central hub of various community activities with its swimming pool, gymnasium, and outdoor sports fields. Additionally, West University offers two large park areas, Friends Park and Colonial Park, making this neighborhood a primary destination for families. Most of its residents are high-powered professionals, including doctors and attorneys, and they hold prestigious positions in all areas of industry and education in the Houston area. West University residents have easy access to a wide range of outdoor activity spaces and all the amenities available in the metro area. Also, West University has a walk score of 92 making it easy to get around.

(*Home Snacks, World Population Review Walk Score, Norada & Zumper)

West University, Houston


3. Midtown

Best for nightlife lovers

3. Midtown - The 8 Best Neighborhoods in Houston in 2022
  • Population: 11,073
  • Average monthly rent (1-bed): $1,663
  • Pro: Lively neighborhood 
  • Con: Humid and hot weather

Midtown is a primarily dense neighborhood that hosts a lot of young professionals looking to enjoy the city’s best nightlife options, as this area is famous for its popular bar and nightlife scene. There is a thriving dining culture and diverse retail and entertainment options. Midtown boasts bars, shops, and highly walkable restaurants with three METRORail stations. Most of its residents are young professionals in their mid-20s to 40s because there’s an excellent array of free community events and many outdoor activities.

(*Niche, PODS Blog & Zumper)

Midtown, Houston

4. Bellaire

Best for small-town living

4. Bellaire - The 8 Best Neighborhoods in Houston in 2022
  • Population: 17,272
  • Average monthly rent (1-bed): $1,050
  • Pro: Child-friendly
  • Con: Heavy traffic

Bellaire, otherwise known as “City of Homes,” is one of the top-ranked best places to live in Houston. Its exclusively residential neighborhood lined with large oaks and custom-built homes lies within the Harris County section of the Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown metropolitan area. Bellaire offers its residents the charm of a small town, including a quaint downtown area with different shopping and dining options to choose from. This neighborhood is a perfect location for families and those who want the benefits of small-town living while retaining access to Houston’s big-city amenities. Residents enjoy Bellaire because of its proximity to pro-sports arenas, cultural events, and a world-renowned medical center. Additionally, residents have access to full fire service, police protection, excellent parks, recreation programs, and a city library.

(*World Population Review & Zumper)

Bellaire, Houston

5. The Heights

Best for the walkability

5. The Heights - The 8 Best Neighborhoods in Houston in 2022
  • Population: 18,807
  • Average monthly rent (1-bed): $1,784
  • Pro: History enthusiasts
  • Con: On-going construction

Houston Heights, otherwise called “The Heights” by locals, is one of the best neighborhoods to live in Houston. The Heights is a central part of the city, just minutes from Downtown, and is one of the city’s oldest planned neighborhoods. This neighborhood boasts beautiful historic homes and bungalows, unique tree lines with cute walkable streets offering these residents a vintage neighborhood feeling. The Heights is the perfect intersection between urban location and suburban calm. It is also home to a diverse group of people, meaning the neighborhood doesn’t just belong to young professionals as families with children are established all over the neighborhood. Residents in The Heights have access to local businesses, shops, excellent restaurants, and spacious parks.

(*City-Data, Zumper & PODS Blog)

The Heights, Houston

6. Museum District

Best for architecture & animal lovers

6. Museum District - The 8 Best Neighborhoods in Houston in 2022
  • Population: 31,721
  • Average monthly rent (1-bed): $1,715
  • Pro: Quiet and tranquil neighborhood
  • Con: Tourist destination

This architectural-filled neighborhood is one of the best neighborhoods in Houston. This neighborhood positioned just below Midtown is a mix of arts and culture and many luxurious, modern residential options. Museum District gained its name because it features 19 unique museums, including the Children’s Museum Houston and the Houston Zoo. Additionally, residents enjoy access to family attractions and museums with exhibits for historians, culture buffs, photography enthusiasts, artists, and science lovers. This neighborhood is surrounded by lovely nature as pretty much half of this neighborhood is the giant Hermann Park. Residents enjoy a very walkable and pleasant neighborhood because of its quiet environment, parks, and strong community feels. Museum District is known for its walkability, and public transportation is simple and accessible.

(*City-Data, Zumper & Norada)

Museum District, Houston

7. River Oaks

Best for luxurious living

7. River Oaks - The 8 Best Neighborhoods in Houston in 2022
  • Population: 7,468
  • Average monthly rent (1-bed): $1,750
  • Pro: Quiet and tranquil neighborhood
  • Con: Low to mid level crime rate

River Oaks, located between Uptown and Downtown Houston is one of the best neighborhoods in Houston. River Oaks is said to be one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Texas and the U.S., with miles of mansions and exclusive estates, each valued in the millions of dollars. The crime rate is low as the security for this neighborhood is maintained by a private agency called the River Oaks Patrol. This neighborhood boasts community parks, recreational areas, and beautiful natural settings for outdoor relaxation. Interestingly, the wealth in River Oaks is held by its residents, not industries or corporations located there. This is because most of its residents are great philanthropists alongside pro athletes, oil barons, celebrities, politicians, and a variety of other business owners. 

(*World Population Review, Zumper & Norada) 

River Oaks, Houston

8. Downtown

Best for accessibility & entertainment

8. Downtown - The 8 Best Neighborhoods in Houston in 2022
  • Population: 16,655
  • Average monthly rent (1-bed): $1,963
  • Pro: Central hub for all amenities
  • Con: Construction and high noise levels

Downtown Houston, the commercial hub of the city, is one of the best places to live in Houston. Living in Downtown puts you at the center of the action because this is where you’ll find famous parks, concert venues, and conference centers. Residents in Downtown range from young urban professionals to reverse commuters and even small families. Downtown is the only place in the city where you have everything you need, including medical, worship, and fitness centers. Transportation is simple, easy, and accessible, and you can survive without a car if needed! Although much of Downtown is dedicated to commercial buildings, it still features independent restaurants, cafes, great bars, the city’s theater district, and decent public parks with events.

(*Norada, Zumper & PODS Blog)

Downtown Houston, Houston


With a great balance of urban regions, open spaces in the suburbs, and the most attractive features you could hope for, these neighborhoods are indeed the best in Houston. Each of these neighborhoods has a distinct feature ranging from cutting-edge scientific and medical innovation to arts, history, and a wealth of fantastic restaurants and nightlife. Therefore, if you are looking for a neighborhood in Houston with affordable housing, good-paying jobs, a low crime rate, and other attractive features, this list will guide you in making your choice.

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Last year's ranking (2022)

1. Memorial
2. West University
3. Midtown
4. Bellaire
5. The Heights
6. Museum District
7. River Oaks
8. Downtown

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