7 Signs Your Windows Need To Be Replaced

7 Signs Your Windows Need To Be Replaced

Are you confused about whether you should replace the windows in your new home or not? If you’ve just moved into a new place, before you move everything in, it’s the perfect time to replace your windows! You do not need to wait for your windows to fall apart for you to notice that they need a replacement; you can detect it yourself. Let’s dig into the 7 signs that you need to know to replace your windows.

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1. The Windows Are Foggy (Condensation)

The foggy-looking window tells us that it is going through condensation, resulting from poor insulation. The insufficient insulation fails to block air coming in and out of the window and nullifies the primary purpose of having it. 

This condition is not appreciated in extreme weather conditions like chilly winds coming in when the house needs heating leading to bad health conditions. So this foggy-looking window needs a change soon. This condition can result from a catastrophic seal failure that needs to be covered by the warranty (if you have any).

Moisture between panes of glass is a major sign that you need to replace the windows. You must keep in mind to check if condensation forms in between the glass panes of your windows. If yes, this is a clear sign that your windows seals are of no use now, and they have been severely eroded and need to be replaced right away. 

And lastly, if the seals are gone, what will happen to the insulating gas between the glass panes? Energy efficiency goes down, and heating/cooling costs go up.

A heads-up: Condensation on the inside or the outside of your windows is normal and can happen in extreme temperatures. Condensation between panes of glass is what you should worry about.


2. Air-Conditioning and Heating Costs Are High

Ever wondered why your air-conditioning and heating costs are going up? One of the reasons for that is your poor and outdated home windows, yes that is right. You might be wondering how? 

During the hottest and coldest days of the year, these eroded and outdated windows certainly make your heating, and air conditioning systems push and work harder. You get to experience higher costs of energy bills. One good way to determine and see if your bills are rising is by comparing your current energy bill to the one you paid the previous year.

And why does this happen? Old windows are subject to cracks and gaps, which lead to leaks. If it’s a hot day and your HVAC is already pushing itself to maintain 18°, what will a big old crack do? Let’s leave this to your imagination.

3. The Windows Are Cold When You Touch Them

You might not consider this to be a warning sign for your windows, but it is alarming. Have your windows ever felt cold to touch, especially in the winters?

Your double pane windows are in bad shape, my friend. The insulating material has severely deteriorated, and the HVAC costs will soon go through the roof. Contact your nearest contractor, get a quote, and replace your windows.

Did you know heat gain and heat loss through faulty windows take up 25%–30% of your energy bill? There are many ways to reduce your electricity cost. Changing your windows are one of them.

Window (1)

4. Your Window Frames are Damaged

Due to the excessive exposure to warm and cold temperatures, rainy weather, excessive UV rays, and moisture, it is highly expected for your window frames to be rotten or damaged. And you thought your windows are super strong? Like they are made of steel?

The most obvious reason which gets the window replacement timer ticking is when it gets broken. As a broken window is unsafe for your home. A broken window can result from a bad thunderstorm, some accident, or just a long due deterioration.

This excessive decaying highly diminishes and affects your windows’ insulation and energy efficiency, and it also leads your windows to get further damaged. Another problem that you may face due to your damaged window frames is the lack of security and exposure to “bad air.” One quick way to check if your frames are decaying is by determining whether they are soft on the inside instead of being rigid.

Moisture and dampness cause your frames to decay over time. Severe weather like storms can also damage the frames.

The broken window is like a breach of privacy and should not be compromised and should be replaced the next given opportunity. A broken window is not always shattered glass but also the cracks in the ceiling. This can cause a ding in the window’s appearance and hinder swift opening in emergencies. 

5. You Can Feel Air Pass Through Your Window When It’s Windy

Another thing that you must look out for in your windows as a warning sign is whether you can feel the wind when standing beside your window; why? 

If you do experience wind passing through your window, there are high chances that your window frames have gone through some severe air leaks. Other than this, another warning sign of detecting leaky windows is by looking out for water stains on your window frames.

These will be drafty windows and will have temperature maintenance-heavy on your body and budget as you will experience chilly winter air when you need heating inside and hot wind spells when the air conditioner is turned on. This would lead to lengthier working hours of the HVAC leading to a high-energy toll on your bills.

Small cracks might be hard to notice. Just bring your gaslighter near the window, and if the flame goes out or twinkles, your windows are in bad shape.

6. The Windows Are Hard To Open and Close

If you always have to put in extra effort to push open your windows, you need to know that it is the right time to replace your window frames. Windows tend to rot and warp with time, making them hard to open and close. 

The reason? Maybe the locks are worn out, or the roller system is faulty. Nonetheless, window operation should be smooth, not a part of your daily workout.

You should look out for such warning signs and immediately get your window frames replaced, especially if made of wood. 

Window-1 (1)

7. You Can Hear Outdoor Noise Quite Clearly

When you can very clearly hear the sounds of vehicles zooming in, children playing, or a lawnmower from outside through your closed windows, that’s when you know you need to get them replaced.

Now you must be wondering how this is a warning sign for your window replacement; the older the windows, the lesser will be their sound insulation. 

What is the purpose of a window if you have outside air and noise coming through the window? None. If you are experiencing such a thing, then it means you need to go window shopping right away.

And if you can hear outdoor noises of vehicles, then it is a sign that your window frames are not properly insulated and need to be replaced. Windows that are of good quality are usually soundproof to some extent and help block the outdoor distractions and noises, making your home a more peaceful space.


5 Benefits of Replacing Your Windows

Now that you know the various warning signs for replacing your windows, let’s dive into the benefits:

1. Lower energy costs

One of the most important benefits of replacing the window frames that you get is lower energy bills; how? Since the amount of heat that is lost through the transfer of thermal and window leaks gets fixed with the newer window frames leading to lesser money spent on energy bills. According to the EPA, an average home in the U.S. saves $126 to $465 a year by replacing old windows.

2. Selling point

Another advantage that you will get by replacing your windows is an instant boost in the home’s value. Suppose you spent $10,000 on replacing all the faulty windows. You add $6,800 to the home’s asking price; that’s 68 percent ROI!

3. Safety and security

What if the windows don’t open in an emergency? Many new windows also come with enhanced security options like automatic operation and an alarm system. Hence, replacing your poor and outdated windows with quality ones ensures a safe and secure environment for your family.

4. Noise reduction

Another great benefit that you will be getting is no noise pollution. The newer window frames will be more insulated; thus, they will help keep you safe from outdoor distractions and maintain a peaceful free-of-noise environment.

5. Prevention from dust particles

If you are allergic to dust, you can easily prevent yourself and your family from dust allergens by replacing your window frames since quality window treatments come with blinds and shades in between the glass.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Windows

Do I have to Replace all my Windows?

When hiring a company, you will choose which windows you want to replace, and it’s good to listen to their advice—being professionals, they see a lot more in a window than you do. There are some windows, like basement windows which do not need replacement as often. You can still, however, choose which windows you want to replace without replacing them all. 

Why not Just Fix my Windows Instead of Replacing Them?

When you have higher energy bills, broken windows having air leakage and condensation around them, then it’s about time you need replacement. This is the stage when you cannot further fix them. 

Should I Replace Windows Myself or Hire a Professional?

Hiring a professional is always a wise choice because of their in-depth knowledge and expertise. The professionals are equipped with the right tools required for the process and can look through situations an ordinary person cannot. 

However, if you wish to replace windows on your own, you need to research everything about it and get the right tools. That is one hell of a job!

How Long Does it Take to Replace a Window?

The timing to install a window depends on the expertise. A professional takes about 40-60 minutes to install a window. However, the manufacturer and the time of the year are two factors that can affect this installation period.

How Do I Clean my Windows?

Clean windows enhance their beauty. It’s pretty easy to clean the inside and outside windows with this solution. 

Mix one part of distilled vinegar with ten pieces of warm water in a spray bottle. Wipe down the windows with a lint-free cloth. Spray vinegar on the window surface and rub with the lint-free cloth. Apply the vinegar mixture generously to clean the windows both from outside and inside. Use another clean, lint-free cloth to dry the window to prevent streaks.


Investing in quality window frames is a great way to increase the value of your home by making it a selling point. Replacing old windows also prevents any sort of outdoor noise pollution by providing sound insulation for your home. The best part? Your inside space remains cozy throughout the year while the cooling and heating costs remain minimum.

So, what are you waiting for? If you have detected any of these signs in your windows, now is the right time to replace your windows and make your home more appealing and safer.


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