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MovingWaldo welcomes your guest posts! MovingWaldo is now open to guests writers who wish to contribute to the largest moving related hub. Our goal is to help find everything needed when moving, from the moment one decides to leave their current habitation, to the moment they are ready to enjoy their new home. MovingWaldo’s everything moving is a place to find content ranging from What you should look in an apartment, to Gardening practices for your new home, without forgetting How to move a fridge.

We are currently looking for guest writers who wish to benefit from a vitrine of millions of people in the process of moving.

Our goal is to help everyone find everything they need when moving [...]

Popular Topics for MovingWaldo

The most important criteria to be accepted as a guest writer on MovingWaldo is to create unique content that is relevant to our niche audience of individuals relocating. Fortunately, many topics apply. We have listed the most important ones here, but feel free to share other topics that you think could be interesting to our users.

Topics to choose from:

  • Residential Real Estate rental
  • Residential Real Estate buying
  • Home decoration and renovation
  • Moving and packing
  • Address change
  • Home services

The best way to make sure the content is relevant and unique is to provide us with a few topics that you are interested in, and we will follow up with an approved title and outline for the article.

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Backlink policy

Of course! Aside from contributing to helping people move, you are doing this to get exposure from lots of readers as well as proper backlinks to your blog or website. If your website or blog is legit and relevant in a way to our audience, we are happy to help you do so. Here is how we will do it.

  1. We will include a note to mention who provided the content. This note will include a link to your website, blog or social profile.
  2. When appropriate, you can include a few links to your website in the body of the text. For example, you could link to a great complementary article on the subject on your blog. You could also link to your landing page if you offer a relevant service.
  3. You will not be allowed to promote your brand or products in a salesy way in the article.
  4. We allow a maximum of one article per month per guest writer.

Article Guidelines

  1. All articles must be 1200 words or more. They should not be more than 3000 words, unless the content is very relevant.
  2. All articles must include at least one internal link to another article hosted on MovingWaldo. It could be another article that  you have written and published on MovingWaldo.
  3. All articles must have proper heading structure (h1, h2, h3) and the main keyword must appear a minimum of 12 times for a 1200 word article (keyword density of 1% or more).
  4. All images must be royalty free.
  5. The articles cannot include duplicate content from other websites.
  6. The articles cannot be sales-oriented and are not destined to promote any brand.
  7. No links to any spammy websites will be accepted.

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