Moving Cost - Toronto

How Much Do Movers Cost in Toronto?

Moving requires a lot of preparation, time, and money. Due to moving being such a tedious task, a lot of people choose to hire movers in Toronto rather than taking on the move themselves. The cost of hiring movers in Toronto may depend on factors like whether you select their extra services (like packing) to reduce your moving to-do-list, and much more! Keep reading to find out how much movers cost in Toronto, Ontario!

What is the average cost of movers in Toronto?

Home Size

Number of Movers




*$25 per mover

Average Cost

1–2-bed apt

(500-1200 sq. ft.)

2 movers

3 hours 

(+ 1h travel charge)



2–3-bed house

(1100-1600 sq. ft.)

3 movers

3-4 hours

(+ 1h travel charge)



3–4-bed house

(1500-2200 sq. ft.)

3-4 movers

4-5 hours

(+ 1h travel charge)



4 bed house

(2000-3000 sq. ft.)

4 movers

4-6 hours

(+ 1h travel charge)



*Prices may vary by moving company. Always consider factors listed below. 

*For local move (max 100km)

*Tax not included

Factors Affecting Moving Costs in Toronto

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Home Size & Number of Movers

The size of your home and the number of movers will affect the cost of your move in Toronto. If you live in a tall condo building, the movers may charge you an elevator fee due to the time it will take to get up and down. The elevator fee may even be applied in a smaller building because the movers will still have to adapt their moving techniques and the move will take a bit more time. Narrow hallways and big stairwells may also affect the cost of your move because they may delay or complicate the move. Another fee that movers might charge you is a long carry fee. A long carry fee may be charged if the movers are unable to park right in front of your property and must carry the items a longer distance than they typically would (over 45 meters).

Home Size

Weight of Belongings

Number of Movers



(Tip not included)

1–2-bed apt

(500-1200 sq. ft.)

2700 – 5000 lbs.

2 movers


2–3-bed house

(1100-1600 sq. ft.)

6300 – 8700 lbs.

3 movers


3–4-bed house

(1500-2200 sq. ft.)

8700 – 10 000 lbs.

3-4 movers


4 bed house

(2000-3000 sq. ft.)

10 000 lbs. +

4 movers


*The number of movers needed is determined by the size of your home along with the number of belongings you have. Once the moving company estimates the weight of your belongings, they will determine what truck size they’ll need. The bigger the truck, the more expensive your move will be.

Time of Year: Seasonality

While you sometimes have no choice but to move during a specific period, moving during certain times in the year will affect the cost of your move. The best season to move in Toronto is during the spring and summer months (high season) to avoid snowstorms, slippery roads and the cold weather that comes with winter. Moving companies take this to their advantage and increase their fees by 25-30% during warmer months. Rates throughout the fall and winter (low season) are relatively stable as less people take on their moves during these times.

Distance & Duration

The distance a moving company must travel to make it to your home and the distance to your new neighborhood in Toronto will affect the duration of your move and therefore the cost. Local moves are the least expensive types of moves as they typically are of 100 km or less. Long-distance moves are quite expensive because gas, employer salaries and secure transport must be factored into the cost. International moves are by far the most expensive as a moving container usually must be rented out for thousands of dollars. If your move is delayed even an hour, an additional fee may be incurred on your bill at the end of your move. With the average cost of movers in Toronto, Ontario being around $120-200 per hour for 2 movers and a truck, you definitely don’t want to delay your move!

Cost of moving - Toronto


While tipping your movers is not mandatory it is still common etiquette. It is recommended to tip each mover between $4 and $6 per hour. You can tip depending on the quality of the service you received. Most people tip $25 per mover for an afternoon move. To determine how much to tip your movers, pay close attention to the way they handle your belongings, to their attitude, their professionalism, their punctuality, and their cleanliness.

Extra Services

Movers offer a variety of extra services to make the move as easy as possible for you. For instance, packing boxes can take you weeks to complete so some movers offer this service at an additional cost. To save time and stress, consider adding one or more of these services to your moving package:

Extra Service

Average Cost 

Temporary Storage 

Useful if your move out date is set before your move in date.

  • 1–2-bed apt (10×10 unit): $300
  • 2–3-bed house (10×20 unit): $630
  • 3–4-bed house (10×30 unit): $860 

Packing & Unpacking

Useful if you lack time and energy.

  • 1–2-bed apt (2-3 packers): $900
  • 2–3-bed house (3-6 packers): $1360
  • 3–4-bed house (4-8 packers): $1740

*Prices for packing labour only.

Moving Supplies

Will save you the time of going to a different store.

  • 1–2-bed apt: $135
  • 2–3-bed house: $300
  • 3–4-bed house: $425

Disassembling & Reassembling

Useful if you lack time and energy.

  • $65-$75 /hour per mover

*Typically included in the price if only a few pieces need to be disassembled.

Specialty Items (ex: moving a piano)

Will ensure they are moved correctly. 

  • Hot tub (local move): $375
  • Grand piano (local move): $550

(*XYZ Self Storage, CARGO CABBIE, moversville, HomeAdvisor, MovingWaldo SHOP, MovingWaldo)

How Can Moving Costs Be Reduced?

Even if you hire movers, you can still reduce your moving costs by not purchasing their extra services. If you have a little extra time on your hands, you can reduce your moving costs exponentially by following these tips.

  • Rent a moving truck instead of hiring movers. A 10-foot moving truck rental will cost you an average of $20 per day + $0.90 per kilometer + insurance of approximately $25. If you travel 40km your moving truck will only cost you $56 for the entire day (before taxes). Renting a moving truck is therefore 92% cheaper than hiring movers for a 1-2 bedroom apartment. 
  • Pack and unpack yourself. While packing is a big task, it can be done painlessly if you start early and do a bit every day.
  • Get used moving boxes. You can find used moving boxes at your local grocery store or online on websites like Kijiji and Facebook Marketplace. 
  • Hire a Tasker instead of hiring a moving company. Taskers from TaskRabbit can help you accelerate your move by helping you with specific tasks like packing and loading the truck. 
  • Use a digital moving concierge like MovingWaldo. Using a free digital moving concierge service like MovingWaldo will help you tackle all your moving tasks in minutes. Directly from your moving dashboard, you can find exclusive deals and/or easily compare services like professional movers, moving truck rentals or internet plans, just to name a few. Your moving concierge also shares handy checklists with you to stay on track of your move.


FAQ - Cost of Movers in Toronto

What is a fair price for movers in Toronto?

A fair price for movers in Toronto is $670 for 3 hours for a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment without any extra services. Movers are fairly priced when they are transparent about all their fees upfront and when they don’t charge an extravagantly different price from their competitors.

How much do movers cost per hour in Toronto?

In Toronto, movers cost an average of $168 per hour for 2 movers without any extra services like packing and unpacking.

How much does it cost to move a 1-bedroom apartment in Toronto?

It costs an average $640 to move a 1-bedroom apartment in Toronto without any extra services like packing and unpacking.

How much does it cost to move a 2-bedroom apartment in Toronto?

It costs an average $695 to move a 2-bedroom apartment in Toronto without any extra services like packing and unpacking.

How much does it cost to move to a 3-bedroom house in Toronto?

It costs an average $1775 to move a 3-bedroom house in Toronto without any extra services like packing and unpacking.

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