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Hourly pricing is the most commonly used pricing model in Calgary. It’s simple, the company will provide you with an hourly rate and charge you based on the time it takes to complete your move. The more prepared you are, the less it will cost.

In your quote, movers will provide you with an estimated labor time, so they can precisely estimate the final cost. 

Services considered in the labor time: 

  • Wrapping and protecting 
  • Dismantling and reassembling 
  • Packing/unpacking (additional service if requested)
  • Loading and unloading the truck 
  • Miscellaneous requests 
  • Driving from the pickup to the drop-off location (and to/from their office) 

To cover travel time and fuel, movers may charge you for the time it takes them to drive to and from their office. Alternatively, they may charge a pre-established truck fee, which will be based on the distance to be driven and the size of the truck. 

Certain services are included in the final price such as: basic insurance (release value protection), moving blankets, moving equipment and sometimes wardrobe boxes.

All moving companies in Calgary have diverse fee-related policies. Generally, packing and unloading specialty items will be an added cost to your moving bill for their fragility (extra protection required), weight (more workers required), and extra space they may take up in the truck (additional truck required). 

The moving company may charge extra fees for heavy items like sports equipment and appliances. Extra stair fees (above 2nd floor) and overnight or storage fees (if the move was not completed in one day), may be charged. Also, fuel fees could apply, especially for longer distances. 

There are two types of moving insurance protections: release value protection and full value protection. 

Release value protection covers the damages happening in the moving truck and can cover $0.60 per pound of the damaged item. The cost is typically included in the price and there is no deductible.  

Whereas, full value protection applies to damage done in the moving truck and in your home. This can cover anywhere between $5 to $10 per pound of the damaged item. Expect to pay at least a few hundred dollars for full value protection, and know that there is a deductible and that it will vary. 

Yes, there are usually specific rules to follow in condos when moving. Before planning your move, it’s important that you contact the condo board to inquire about requirements such as:

  • Elevator booking: Reservations are typically required and may incur a small fee. You may be asked to fill out a special request form and have insurance against damage, as well as asked to put padding on the elevator or have it provided by your mover.
  • Move-in or move-out times: It’s important to check with the condo board for the hours allowed, as well as the allowed duration of the move, in order to minimize space and noise inconvenience to other residents.
  • Parking: You may inquire about reservation for a loading and parking spot for the moving truck, and if there are any specific time limits or designated areas for this. Failing to comply with the parking regulations may result in fines or penalties. 

The normal tip amount in Calgary is based on the hours it took them to do the move, the complexity of the move, the conditions of the move, and the quality of service received. If you are not satisfied with your movers’ work, you may choose to tip them less, but we do not recommend skipping the tip.

If the service offered by your movers has been satisfactory, you can offer them around $5/hour each. For shorter moves (4–5 hours), you can tip each mover $20 – $25 on average, and for longer moves (8–10 hours), you can tip each mover $40 – $50 on average. 

Daily tip per mover

Average tip/hour

Shorter moves 

(4–5 hours)

Longer moves (8–10 hours)


$20 – $25

$40 – $50

It is preferable that the tip is given after the service is completed, and that the payment be in cash and directly to the movers. 

In case you have offered food and beverages to the movers, you can shorten the amount of tip you are going to offer, because this can already be considered as part of the tip. Tipping is a nice gesture towards the movers and shows your appreciation for their hard work.

How far in advance you should schedule your move depends on the distance of your move and the season in which you plan to move. 

In Calgary, the season of high demand for moving is during the summer and spring (May to September). If you are moving in the high season, it is advisable to schedule your move at least 8 weeks in advance. In the lower season, there isn’t a limit, and you can even book movers at the last minute; however, the odds are against it. 


Low season

High season

Local moves 

(<50 km) 

2 weeks in advance

6 weeks in advance


(>50 km) 

8 to 4 weeks in advance

12 weeks in advance

Last minute moves

1–2 days

in advance with little chance

Less likely to find availability

Booking in advance not only helps you find availability for various moving services, but also helps your moving company have the necessary time to schedule your move properly.

Most movers make you pay after the move is completed; this is a general rule among all reputable moving companies.

However, you may have to pay a deposit as a down payment if your mover requires it. In Calgary, between $100 and $250 is acceptable as a legitimate deposit. The amount will depend on several factors, such as the moving distance, the size of the move, the location, and the exact date of the move (since weekends are more expensive than weekdays).

The deposit will serve as a pledge of trust between you and the mover as a commitment on both sides, in case you cancel at the last minute.

To prepare your home for movers we recommend following these steps:

  • Get rid of unnecessary items: If you have items you do not need anymore, it’s a great time to get rid of them. You can have a garage sale or even donate them!
  • Pack and label your boxes and furniture: If the movers are not doing the packing for you, label your boxes and furniture with the rooms they go into.
  • Take care of items that can’t be moved: Ask your movers for a list of items they do not move. Make sure you take care of hazardous materials like gas, oil or anything flammable as they won’t be taken by the movers.
  • Take pictures: You should also take pictures to have proof in case of any damage and also to remember how some of the wiring was set up.
  • Plan for parking: Make sure the movers have space to park the truck. Get a parking permit if necessary.
  • Clean and clear the hallways: Remove the dust on the furniture and clean the house. You should also make sure that the movers have enough space to take your items.
  • Hire a sitter for kids/pets: If you have pets or kids, hire a sitter for them for the day so you can focus on the move.
  • Alert neighbors or landlord: This is especially important if you live in an apartment complex or a condo. If necessary, try to reserve the elevator for the movers.
  • Have cash on hand: This is useful for the tip or any unexpected expense that comes up.
  • Prepare cold water bottles: If the move is during Calgary’s yearly heatwave, preparing cold water for your movers might make them more efficient. 

Yes, you can hire movers to move a single item in Calgary. Many people do so when they have a heavy item to move. Trying to do it yourself can be dangerous as you could damage the item or hurt yourself in the process. It’s definitely worth hiring professionals to do it for you, especially if the item holds sentimental value. 

The difference is that with professional movers, you know your item will not be damaged. Some even specialize in moving heavy items, for example professional piano movers. The moving company will usually charge you their minimum hourly rate for this service.

Moving companies have rules and regulations as well as licenses that make them professionals. Therefore, you can rest assured that your item will be moved safely to its destination.

Yes, many Calgary movers offer storage services as part of their services. Storage is useful if you need to store some or all of your belongings for a period of time between moves. It’s also useful if you are downsizing and need extra space to store belongings that won’t fit in your new home. 

Storage periods offered can be short or long term in secure, climate-controlled facilities. They also offer packing, loading and unloading services, and transportation of your belongings to and from storage. When choosing the right storage facility, you should primarily consider the insurance coverage for your stored belongings, their accessibility, and any fees or restrictions associated with storage.

Hiring a moving company that offers storage services is an excellent way to manage your belongings during the move, as it will give you peace of mind that they will be protected until you are ready to retrieve them.

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