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5 Best International Moving Companies in Ottawa that you can trust

Moving internationally is one of the most stressful things you can ever do. Especially when you are moving out of Canada, into the United States or further across the world. Whether you are moving alone or have a whole family that is moving with you, the process can be a disaster if you don’t trust the right international moving company.

You can find dozens of recommendations over the internet. However, it is difficult to weed out the good from the bad. To help make the task easier for you, we have compiled a detailed list of the best international movers in Ottawa.

Read on for a thoroughly researched review of the 5 best international moving companies in Ottawa.

Not looking for an International mover? Find trusted local moving companies near you.

How to choose an international moving company?

There are several factors that determine whether you can trust an international mover or not. The best overseas movers have years of successful history, a large network that spans the globe, and they should be well accredited. Your chosen international moving company should provide reliable damage insurance and other various moving services to take you safely from point A to point B.

The internet is loaded with recommendations for international moving companies, which can become overwhelming almost immediately if you don’t know where to start looking. It can be difficult trying to make the right choice when it comes to international movers while you are trying to deal with everything else. At MovingWaldo, we want to help you see clearly during this stressful time. To do so, we have compiled a detailed list of the 5 best international movers that can seamlessly move you anywhere in the world.

MovingWaldo's list of the Best International Movers in Ottawa

What is MovingWaldo?

MovingWaldo is a Free Moving Concierge Service. Since 2016, we help millions of people tackle moving tasks in minutes. We care to take the stress away from moving by offering free tools, tips and tricks and referral of service providers that you can trust. MovingWaldo is everything moving under the same roof!


How are Moving Companies selected?

Our network of movers you can trust is carefully built based on professionalism, years of experience, accreditation, awards and social proofs from customers. We care to help you through the maze of information the web provides about this unique industry. You can trust the movers listed here to guide you and your family safely into moving day!


Are you a good, trustworthy company?

3.4 stars based on 32 reviews from around the web


Canada Moving is a full-service moving company that provides pretty much every moving service that you could imagine, including office moves, residential moves and international moves. It has been operational since 1890, earning a good reputation over that period of time, shown by its exceptional BBB rating and strong online feedback. This family owned Canadian moving company is making your moving experience their priority whether you need a local or international move. If you want a professional company that does it all, then they just may be the one for you.

Services / Products offered in Ottawa

• Cross country and International moves
• Piano Moving
• Car and vehicle moving
• Storage
• Crating

Company rate

Available on demand.

Area Covered



• FREE Consultation
• Guaranteed Price Quotes
• Award-winning Customer Service
• Protection Insurance (Full Protection During Transport)


• Not available in every provinces

Why should you choose Canada Moving?

With more than 100 years of experience, Canada Moving is a great option when it comes to international moves, as well as cross country moves. Unlike other international moving services, Canada Moving has partners Worldwide, to make sure that your move is done in the most efficient way. Their trained movers are ready to guide you through your moving process.

2001 Bantree, Unit 9 Ottawa, Ontario K1B 4X3
4.6 stars based on 9 reviews from around the web


In comparison to other moving companies, Brytor international moving specializes in cross country moves. They take pride in taking care of the details to deliver your belongings and making sure you don’t have to worry about anything. Their trained movers are well equipped to customize every bit of the services you need. The company has been acknowledged as one of the leaders in the industry and earned the FIDI FAIM accreditation, the most important quality certification for excellence in international moving services.

Services / Products offered in Ottawa

• International move
• Storage
• Corporate and personal
• Packing

Company rate

Available on demand.

Area Covered



• Specialized Relocation Experts
• Trained Crews
• Shared Load Services
• State-of-the-Art Warehousing


• Not available in every provinces

Why should you choose Brytor International Moving?

Brytor international moving is at the cutting edge of international moving, they have every ressources possible to move you to your new house in the smoothest way. If you’re looking for a moving company that is an expert at international moving, this is definitely the one for you.

5499 Canotek Rd, Gloucester, ON K1J, Canada
5 stars based on 31 reviews from around the web


Atlas Van Lines is largely established in North America as a leading international moving company. It has more than 430 agents across the U.S. and Canada to make it easy for everyone to find services around them. The agents must graduate from Altas Academy to guarantee they meet the Atlas standard for consumers. The company offers local, long distance and international moves for individuals as well as companies. Atlas Van Lines provides a variety of services including packing and unpacking, as well as storage. We love the fact that Atlas Van Lines has an app called AtlasNet which helps consumers to track their move and manage paperwork, allowing you to keep track of your belongings at all times.

Services / Products offered in Ottawa

• Local Moving
• Long Distance Moving
• Canada to U.S Moving
• US to Canada Moving
• Overseas Moving
• Moving Containers
• International moving
• International moves

Company rate

Available on demand.

Area Covered



• Awarded the Best International Moving Company of the Year by the U.S. Expatriate Management and Mobility Awards (2015)
• Aeroplan members get 3,500 points on their international move *some restrictions apply
• The company has decades of experience with international moves
• Atlas Van Lines holds a number of different certifications
• They are a highly reputable company, operating at a high industry standard
• They offer moving services to 17 different countries


• The site does not offer any cost information such as a pricing schedule
• You must contact the company directly for a quote, and wait for them to respond.

Why should you choose Altas Van Lines?

If you are looking for a company that has the experience to help your international move go smoothly, then Atlas Van Lines should be one of your first choices. The company has been in the business for years, and new staff learn from the best. This company knows exactly how to plan ahead for every possible situation, so that you get your belongings safely and on time, no matter where in the world you are moving to.

2750 Sheffield Rd #110B, Ottawa, ON K1B 3V9
4.5 stars based on 23 reviews from around the web


Allied Van Lines is part of an internationally known group called SIRVA. Their incredible experience (over 90 years!) has made them a key player in the international moving industry. Their impressive network of over 1,000 agents in more than 135 countries spanning the globe makes them a highly resourceful company. They offer 24h customer services to answer your questions day and night. Allied Van Lines claims that no other companies possess their ability to customize your international move to your unique needs and requests about your oversea move. Their unique knowledge and global network make them a great choice for your upcoming adventure!

Services / Products offered in Ottawa

• Full value moving coverage
• International relocation services
• Assembly/Disassembly
• Moving and packing supplies
• Appliance disconnection and reconnection
• Auto transport
• Home shuttle services
• Full-service or fragile-item packing
• Packing and unpacking
• Debris removal and clean up
• Custom crates
• Storage (short-term and long-term)
• Online tracking

Company rate

Available on demand.

Area Covered



• This company has over 90 years of experience with moving services
• They offer specialized moving services for valuable items such as pianos


• The site does not offer any cost information such as a pricing schedule
• You must contact the company directly for a quote, and wait for them to respond
• There are very few reviews for Canadian branches of this company

Why should you choose Allied Van Lines?

If you want complete international moving services that are tailored exactly to your needs, then Allied Van Lines can help you. This company has over 90 year’s experience in this industry, and they understand that every move is unique. Moving coordinators work with you to help extensively plan your move, so that you know exactly what is happening, and you can be certain it is happening the way that you plan. Allied Van Lines is a reputable company that offers tailored international moving services for all its clients, no matter what their needs are.

2215 Gladwin Crescent Unit # 120 A, Ottawa, ON K1B 4K9
4 stars based on 9 reviews from around the web


North American Van Lines is one of the world’s most prominent international moving companies. They have more than 80 years of experience in international moving services. With locations in over 40 countries across the world, including USA, UK, Canada, and Australia, they are “must consider” for your upcoming move. However, they can help you move to any location in the world by contacting their global agents. The cost of their services is based on the overall weight of cargo.

Services / Products offered in Ottawa

• Packing
• Loading and Unloading
• Storage
• Installation and Assembly
• International Moving
• Insurance

Company rate

Available on demand.

Area Covered

Ottawa, Gatineau


• They offer international moves to almost every continent
• The company offers full, end-to-end moving services from start to finish


• The site does not offer any cost information such as a pricing schedule

Why should you choose North American Van Lines?

North American Van Lines is one of the most reputable moving companies that can help to make your international move as stress-free as possible. The company has a rigorous process that they go through to ensure that their services meet your needs exactly and that all of your belongings are taken care of at all stages of the move, from assembling and packing the actual transportation, to unpacking and reassembling at your new location. They have the experience you want from a moving company, so that you can be certain they know exactly what they need to do, in order to provide the results that you are looking for.

143 Russell St, Kingston, ON K7K 2G1

Frequently Asked Questions about International Moving Companies

How much does it cost to hire an international moving company?

International moving companies give you an estimate cost based on several factors:

  • Size of your move in terms of volume and weight
  • The travel distance to reach your destination
  • The chosen routes for the international move
  • Method of transportation

Moreover, you have to include the cost of packing and unpacking your items. You have to ensure that you do not pack illegal items to avoid fines. Besides, there are insurance costs and storage costs charged by the international shipping agency. You may also need to pay customs duty charges and Visa fees. Thus, you must calculate these things to identify the cost of an international move.


What are the shipping options for an international move?

The choice of shipping method may affect the overall cost. The sea freight is a low-priced option for an international move, although it takes several days to ship your goods and personal belongings. If you have a bigger budget, you can choose airfreight for faster shipping. 

However, for bulk shipping needs, you may prefer sea freight. Other types of shipping options include door-to-door and port-to-port. With door-to-door services, movers have to pick up your goods to deliver them to the chosen destination. International moving companies will also deal with customs clearance for your stuff. With port-to-port services, you must bring your household items to the departure port and be there to get them from the destination port.


What items should not be included in an international household goods shipment?

Items you must avoid shipping : 

  • Combustible items
  • Aerosol products
  • Candles, matches, and other flammable items
  • Knives and guns
  • Corrosive items, like acid and bleach
  • Seeds, fresh fruits and live plants
  • Telecommunication systems, like transmitters and walkie-talkies
  • Politically sensitive audio and books and pornographic resources
  • Precious items, like currency and silver coins

Items only allowed in sea freight:

  • Liquid cosmetics, like cream and lotion
  • Paints, crayons, ink pens, and other items containing chemicals
  • Hygienic products, including toothpaste and shampoo
  • Magnetic products, like PC and mobiles 

Household items that can be impacted by transport issues:

  • Shoes and clothes Temperature may damage these items.
  • Glass furniture
  • Disassembled furniture
  • CDs and books
  • Stuffed toys

Do I have to be present during the customs clearance process of my goods?

You do not need to present during the process. However, you have to prepare some important documents for the customs clearance process. You may take the guidance of professional movers to learn about the rules and documentation procedure. These movers will check your documents and start the clearance process. Without proper understanding, the clearance process may not be successful. 

Moreover, movers will inform you about the post-shipment formalities to transport commercial and household goods. You need to have an import licence, Bill of Lading, insurance certificates, and other documents for the customs clearance process for your shipment.

What should I consider when choosing an international moving company?

As an international move is a complicated process, you have to look for a reputed company with a big team of freight forwarders. Moreover, these international movers have to know the export packaging rules to make your stuff ready for transport. They should also identify the proper documentation for customs. 

Moreover, without experience in the international shipping process, some companies might not be suitable for your move. Be sure to select the right one for your move.


Can international moving companies provide insurance for my move?

Although there are third-party insurance providers, most moving companies offer insurance for your move. You have to consult with your chosen company to know about the coverage limits. Some international movers also offer valuation, which may be limited to the predetermined coverage of the moving company. 

You know that international moves are always risky, and thus, you have to keep your belongings insured. Losses, damages, and any other mishaps may turn up during this international shipping. Based on the value of your goods, you can choose the type of coverage of your insurance.


What are 5 tips for a perfect international move?

It is not always easy to move your personal and commercial goods overseas. The purpose of your move may be different. However, we have a few tips to make your move successful.

  • When you are going to move to a new country, you must learn about the chosen location and its local rules.
  • For moving household goods, you have to pack your suitcase and print off your travel-related documents.
  • Double-check the contents before packing your goods into the carton and pallets.
  • It is important to organize personal documents, like birth certificates, academic records, marriage certificates, and insurance papers.
  • Look for providing international moving services. You must know the relocation package of the chosen company.

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