Costco Change of Adress

Costco Change of Address: Membership, Credit Card & Magazine Subscription.

Costco Wholesale, also known simply as Costco, is one of the largest retailers in the world. It’s a membership warehouse club that sells bulk quantities of merchandise at affordable prices.

As a Costco member, it is important to give your warehouse club an up-to-date address. At MovingWaldo, we understand how important it is to change your Costco membership address when moving so their records remain accurate. It also ensures Costco to be able to reach you if you have a Costco magazine subscription. Don’t forget to change your Costco credit card address as well.

You have several options to update your Costco membership and Costco credit card address. This article will help you complete your Costco change of address!

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How to Change Your Address with Costco Membership?

1. Change of Address Online

Above all, keep in mind that you must be the Primary Member before you can make any membership changes online

To change your Costco membership address online, you will need to:

  • Sign in your Costco Membership Account (USA, Canada) at the top right of your screen.
  • Choose “Account Details” under “Account.”
  • Select “Edit” next to your old address and enter your new one.
  • Select “Update.”
Sign In Costco Account - address change

2. Change of Address in Person

If you prefer, you can change your Costco membership address in person.

  • Go to your local Costco membership counter 
  • Tell the Costco employee that your address has changed
  • Your address with be updated on the spot

3. Change of Address by Phone

The last option is to change your Costco membership address by phone. Simply give the Member Service department a call. Find out the phone number and the opening hours below:


How to Change Your Address with Costco Magazine?

If you are a Costco Executive or Business Member, you probably receive a monthly edition of The Costco Connection magazine by mail. Note that changing your Costco membership address automatically changes your mailing address too. Therefore, if you updated your membership information with Costco, you will receive your Costco magazine at your new address.

How to Change Your Address for my Costco Credit Card?

For American Costco Members:

Costco has partnerships with American banks for branded credit cards giving its members additional benefits. Costco’s branded credit cards are issued by Citibank

To change your Costco credit card address, you’ll have to do so with Citibank, your card issuer. Costco members cash back reward cards called Costco Anywhere Visa cards.

To change your Costco Anywhere Visa card, you have 3 options:

For Canadian Costco Members:

Costco has partnerships with American banks for branded credit cards giving its members additional benefits. In Canada, Costco has a partnership with Capital One Mastercard.

To change your Costco credit card address, you’ll have to do so with Capital One, your card issuer. You have 3 options to change your Capital One Costco card address:

Option#1:  Online with MovingWaldo

MovingWaldo provides a simple way to update your address. You can change your Capital One Costco card address in a few clicks. You can also notify multiple other providers of your address change by entering your address just once.

  • Enter your address once
  • Search and add Capital One to your list
  • Complete all your other address changes at once and you’re done!

Option#2:  Online with Capital One

  • Sign in to your Capital One account
  • Click on your name/icon.
  • Click  “Profile” and change your address.

Option#3: By Phone with Capital One

What you should know!

In the United States, Costco uses a program called the National Change of Address (NCOA). Through the USPS, this tool helps Costco receive address updates for its members. That probably explains why your address may have already been updated.

Read more about USPS Change of Address


If you are a member, changing your address with Costco is an important step when moving. You are given multiple options to notify Costco of your address change. You can update your new address with Costco online, in person or by phone. Choose the option you prefer to keep the address on your membership, credit card et magazine subscriptions up-to-date.

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