The Ultimate Guide to Getting Ready for Winter

Although it comes back every year, Canadian winter finds a way to take us by surprise. The length of time that passes in between each winter seems to make us forget certain important details, which prevents us from being properly prepared for the new upcoming season. By taking just a little time in advance to carry out the right preparations, it is possible to make the winter season pleasurable, and to fully appreciate its beauty! The amount of time spent at home drastically increases as the temperature gets cooler, and it is important to get your inside and outdoor spaces ready in order to feel comfortable and ready to start the new season in full force. Here is our ultimate guide to getting prepared for the season change, with the necessary steps to take to be fully ready to face the Canadian winter, physically and mentally!

hiver montrealais

1. Declutter your house

Turning the page on a season is the perfect opportunity to do a thorough cleanup, and declutter your living space for the forthcoming months.

Throw away / donate

  • Heading into the winter, which implies spending more time confined inside our home, means that it is time to get rid of the things we don’t need, to create a healthy and spacious new environment.
  • Sort out the things that have accumulated over the past months: wine bottles, newspapers, used or broken items, etc. Depending on their condition, you might consider donating these items to a charity and give them a second life!
  • It is time to get rid of everything you don’t want to see when spring comes. Get 10$ off with 1-800-Got-Junk (promocode: WALDO).


  • Take advantage of this new chapter in the year to deep clean your home. For instance, think about washing your rugs, windows, mirrors, furniture and storage cabinets.
  • You should also consider cleaning your kitchen appliances, such as the fridge, the oven, the microwave and the dishwasher. Since we spend much more time in the kitchen during the cold season, it is recommended to prepare your environment and make it comfortable and inviting.


  • When a new season arrives, our life habits change, even more so with winter and the drastic temperature variation. Take the time to put away your summer clothes and shoes, to make room for your warm sweaters, coats and boots.
  • While you are there, clear up your wardrobe by sorting out the clothes that you do not wear anymore. You can then think about donating them to a charity, while decluttering your closet. 

2. Winterize your car

With the winter season at our doors, it is essential that you get your vehicle properly ready to safely face the extreme weather conditions. Every driver has the duty to make sure that each of these steps are taken into account, and to make the needed verification before the first snow. 

Change your tires

  • Winter tires are specifically made for harsh weather conditions, hence are necessary for safe driving, especially if you travel long distances every day. Laws requiring cars to have winter tires at a certain date can vary depending on the province, so make sure to check beforehand. Take a few steps ahead and bring your car to the garage early, to avoid overbooking and overpricing when the due date approaches and garages are too busy.

Oil changes and filling up with antifreeze are also legitimate precautions to take when winter is on its way, to avoid hazards and wear offs on your vehicle. 

Oil change

  • Oil changes and filling up with antifreeze are also legitimate precautions to take when winter is on its way, to avoid hazards and wear offs on your vehicle. 

3. Outdoor

When preparing your home for the season change, don’t forget to take care of its exterior surroundings. It is time to start all your fall projects around the house!


  • Leaves and branches have accumulated in your front or back yard during the fall? Clean out your lawn making sure that no debris is nested inside your gutter. Otherwise, it is possible that your gutters won’t function properly when spring comes and melts the snow.
  • Bring everything that won’t be of use during the winter back inside, to protect them from damages caused by harsh temperatures. Make sure that you unplug your garden hoses and to empty the pool. 


  • Each and everyone of us have experienced slipping on a snow-covered ice patch. It is, however, not ideal to hurt yourself when leaving your house to go to work, on your balcony or in your stairs. That can easily be avoided: get quality winter carpets and install them on your balcony or in your stairs before the cold times roll in. You can keep these carpets indoors during summer, and re-use them each winter. (home depot?)

Equip yourself

  • Cold months come with their load of snow and ice, which will accumulate in your entrance and your balcony if not well maintained. Invest in a high quality snow shovel that will most likely last a lifetime. You may want to consider stocking up on some road salt to melt the ice, especially if you have stairs to climb up and down, which can be dangerous to use when ice accumulates. 

4. How to stay in shape in winter?

In spite of all its beauty, Canadian winter spares no one from the glacial weather conditions and the reduced hours of sunlight. A way to get properly ready for this extreme season is to make sure that our body gets all of the energy it needs to get through the coming months, and to adapt to the season change. The immune system can tend to weaken during winter, and the body to get tired and to lack nutrients. 

To avoid a shortage of vitamins in your body during winter, you might want to cook seasonal fruits and vegetables a few months ahead and freeze them and eat them throughout the coldest months. No vitamins or minerals are lost through the freezing process, and can be stored for a very long period. 

For a lot of people, seasonal changes result in a drop of energy, caused by the fact that the body has to adapt to surrounding changes and sunlight intake. To fight tiredness, it is strongly recommended to maintain a physical exercise routine, which will boost your moral while providing you with long and restorative nights of sleep. 


Winter is a season filled with beauty and charms, but it can be easy to focus on the bad sides when lacking the proper preparations. By following this guide, you offer yourself the chance to pull through this winter season with ease, and even to appreciate it fully, from inside or outside. Rejuvenating your indoor spaces will make you mentally prepared and motivated to begin this new chapter despite the major seasonal changes. Also, by securing the exterior of your house, you ensure a smooth and pleasant transition into the spring season next year. Before winter comes through and takes you by surprise, enjoy the warmth of the last fall moments, follow this guide, and have a gentle winter.

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